Renamed remote loader instance won't start

  • 7007585
  • 18-Jan-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Windows 2008 Standard Edition
IDM 3.6.1  Patched to IR2 (But happens went not patched)
Remote Loader Patch 1 (But happens when not patched)
RL Driver instance running as a Service.


When you rename an instance using the Remote Loader console it does the following.
1. Creates a new Configuration file in the RemoteLoader directory.
2. Creates a new registry entry under the HKLM/Software/Novell/RemoteLoader
The problem is the new registry entry does not create the Service Key so the new instance thinks it is not a service. Now you have two Driver instances running, one as a service and one not.
Then when an attempt to start the Driver instance it will do the following:
-Conflict with the running command port
-Two Dirxml_remote.exe process are running in Task Manager, one as a service and one as Administrator.
-The Start/Stop driver box starts to toggle between Start and Stop every 30 or so seconds.
-graphic is sometimes Red when the driver is running, but sometimes green.
This was also tested on Windows 2003 and some of the symptoms are not the same but the driver will start and then stop soon after and each start attempt adds a new dirxml_remote.exe process to task manager.


Since the Remote Loader instance does not store the driver's configuration, the current work around would be to stop that remote loader instance, remove it, then create a new one with the desired name.

This issue has been reported to engineering so that the Remote Loader GUI can perform the proper steps for a rename to be successful.