Mass Document Operations Does Not Move Document's to New Library and Returns Error

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  • 16-Jan-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


There is a situation when a user moves his documents into other library via mass document operations from GroupWise client. However after that, static document references do not get updated with new library location. When he tries to open any of moved documents, he gets following error: 
Although he answers YES, a client does not create any new static document reference.


The problem of a client that does not create new static document reference has been reported to a development.
In order to avoid such problems it is better to create active search folder that will find dynamically your documents or documents of other that you got rights assigned.
Static references is always problem to update due to impact of such operation in larger GroupWise systems where any document move will result into intensive search inside each mailbox whether there was possible at any place a static reference of this moved document. This will cause huge backlog and temporary performance decrease.
There is one scenario where updating static references works:
1. Let us have PO1 with Lib1 and PO2 with Lib2.
2. Assign some user as a librarian to Lib1 and Lib2. Let this user have Lib1 as his Default Library.
3. Run QF Indexer on both, Lib1 and Lib2, to apply new rights for the user.
4. As a librarian of both libraries now perform mass document operation and move documents between Lib1 -> Lib2, for instance.
5. After the mass document operation has finished, users that were affected by this operation get updated static references of their documents - now pointing in Lib2.