How to use the GroupWise Archive FID Editor 1.0 to restore a deleted users mail.

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  • 11-Jan-2011
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GroupWise FID Editor 1.0


How to use the GroupWise Archive FID Editor 1.0 to restore a deleted users mail.


1. Restore the whole post office directory structure from backup to a temp location
2. Look for the GroupWise icon on the workstation's desktop
3. Go to Properties | Shortcut | Target, and at the end of the path add a space and type /@u-?
4. Double click on the GroupWise icon and fill in the user's information, establishing a direct connection to the Post Office
5. Archive all the items in the mailbox that the user wants to keep

If the Post Office is set to Client/Server only:
a. Momentarily, change the access mode to Client/Server and Direct for the live system post office
b. Copy the wphost.db from the 'live system' and put it on the restored post office from backup
c. Follow steps above on archiving items
d. Reverse the access mode of the 'live system' post office to Client/Server only

6. Log into network as a GroupWise Administrator
7. Create user in the new system
8. Write down the new FID created for the new user
9. Write down the owning domain's context
10. Download the file GWAFE510.EXE found at SUPPORT.NOVELL.COM. (See KB 2944905)
11. Expand the file to a network or local drive
12. Run  the FID Editor, GW5AFE.EXE, Using the following syntax:


Example of a command line for user Rod1, old FID 88x, new FID abc, domain named TWD1, Organization NRC:

Note: Be sure to use the leading dot ( . ) in front of the GroupWise domain name ( TWD1 ) or you will receive an error about checking rights.  ALSO MAKE SURE THAT THE CLIENT32 RED "N", Novell Connections, under the Resource column, that the "Primary" Tree name selected (*) is the tree where the GroupWise domain (in this case TWD1) is located.

13. Screen will show line indicating that the FID was successfully changed
14. Change the archive folder to the new FID number
15. Log into the GroupWise client as the new user
16. Point the new client to the converted archive directory
17. Unarchive all the mail into the new client

Note:"With GroupWise 4.x archive you only need to change the name of the archive directory to match the new FID.  You will not need to use the FID Editor."

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