Partial discovery of UNIX SAN disks or incorrect metrics for UNIX SAN drives

  • 7007514
  • 22-May-2012
  • 22-May-2012


  • AppManager
  • AppManager for UNIX
  • NetIQ UNIX Agent


My SAN disks are coming back as partially discovered, or are not monitored properly through AppManager UNIX


SAN disk monitoring on UNIX or Linux may be limited. NetIQ fully supports monitoring free space on mounted SAN disks through UNIX_FilesystemSpaceLC (or UNIX_DynamicFilesystemSpace)

NetIQ can provide professional services to evaluate and perform custom monitoring implementations if IO and throughput monitoring of SAN devices is a requirement in your environment. Contact your sales representative for additional information on professional services.


Built in operating system disk and controller drivers generally present data in a standardized way (readable with tools such as iostat).

A situation exists where SAN vendors do not always present IO and other data to the operating system in a standardized way (visible to iostat). Some SAN vendors expect end users to utilize their proprietary tools to monitor low level disk or controller metrics such as throughput (these proprietary tools can also provide enhanced device implementation metrics, etc).

Given the wide scope of SAN vendors and implementations, supporting such a range of proprietary tools would be problematic in the base UNIX Agent.