'No module available' on Command Control console after upgrade to Novell Privileged Manager 2.3.0

  • 7007496
  • 06-Jan-2011
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Privileged User Manager 2.3.0
Novell Privileged User Manager 2.2.2


'No module available' alert when 'Privileged Credential Manager' is NOT installed.

By default, an upgrade does NOT install new packages, such as 'Privileged Credential Manager' which was introduced in Novell Privileged User Manager 2.3.0.  However, by default the 'Privileged Accounts' is added under 'Command Control console' which gives the Alert of 'No module available' every time the Command Control console is accessed.


The 'No module available' message is resolved in NPUM 2.3.0-2