Unable to run SMS backups due to login or access issues

  • 7007458
  • 04-Jan-2011
  • 06-Jul-2015


Novell Storage Manager
Backup Exec
Catalogic DPX


BEX unable to complete backups
id command for eDirectory LUM enabled user resolves fine - EX:  id bexuser

/etc/pam.d/tsafs file contains the following:

#eDirectory authentication using NAM
auth      sufficient    /lib/security/pam_nam.so

#use unix authentication
auth      required    pam_unix2.so nullok


In order for tsafs to use the LUM account successfully the following changes were made to the /etc/pam.d/tsafs file.

auth    sufficient  /lib/security/pam_nam.so

Changed to:

auth   sufficient /lib/security/pam_nam.so  use_first_pass


auth    required   pam_unix2.so nullok

Changed to:

auth    sufficient   pam_unix2.so nullok