Sentinel or Log Manager detecting incorrect IP address for configuration files at service startup.

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  • 21-May-2012
  • 21-May-2012


NetIQ Sentinel 7.0
Novell Log Manager 1.2
Novell Sentinel RD


Clients are unable to connect to the Sentinel or Log Manager server after being started via Java WebStart.

Current versions of Sentinel and Log Manager products automatically detect the system's IP address and update configuration files properly.  These files, such as XML and JNLP files, must be correct for clients utilizing the Java WebStart functionality of certain components to properly connect to the server.  If the IP address used to access this machine is not detect by the scripts properly then the client, when loading a JNLP or XML file, will try to connect to an invalid address and fail to start properly.


Current versions of Sentinel 7, Sentinel RD, and Log Manager have a file in the 'config' directory which can have an IP address explicitly set in it to override the startup script's detection methods.  To set an IP address, for example, for a system simply run a command like the following with the correct path to Sentinel's (or Log Manager's) config directory:

echo 'export SERVER_IP=' >>  /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/

Once this is completed restart the service and the various configuration files should be properly updated with this IP address.


The startup script for Tomcat attempts to detect the proper IP address to use for the system, but without a place to explicitly set a value the networking possibilities on Linux are nearly infinite and the right IP address cannot be determined without some kind of administrator specification.