LDAP Server is not associated with a certificate.

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  • 14-Dec-2010
  • 02-Jan-2014


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Linux


After restarting eDirectory get the following message.

Executing customized settings after starting the Novell eDirectory server...
Novell eDirectory LDAP Server is listening on the TCP port.
LDAP Server is not associated with a certificate.
Validation failed in post_ndsd_start script.
Please refer to //opt/novell/eDirectory/sbin/post_ndsd_start.


There are 2 procedures that can be followed to resolve this issue.

Solution 1
  1. After restarting eDirectory (ndsd), run the following command.
    ndsconfig upgrade.
  2. The above command will populate the server certificate in the LDAP Server object.
  3. Restart eDirectory
    rcndsd restart
Solution 2
  1. Open iManager from any of the server running it.
    http://<IP address>/nps
  2. From the top bar look click on view objects.
  3. Navigate to the context where the server is.
  4. Click on LDAP Server object, LDAP Server - servername.
  5. Click Connections under the General tab.
  6. In the Server Certificate box, click on magnifying glass.
  7. You will be presented with a list of available ceritficates.
  8. Select the SSL CertificateDNS and click on.
  9. Click Apply then OK.
  10. Restart eDirectory
    rcndsd restart.