Unable to download attachment, please try again later

  • 7007353
  • 18-May-2012
  • 21-Jun-2012


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.2.2
Novell GroupWise 8.0.2Hp3
Novell GroupWise 2012


On device users can not download attachments from DataSynchronizer.
Attachments unavailable on devices.
When attempting to download attachments, the device displays error "Please try again later".
Administrator changes the time on the server and moves the server time an hour back.


Starting the NTP daemon and correcting the time triggered attachments to start downloading.  It may also helpful to also delete the user's account on the device and create new to make sure everything is aligned for communication.


Investigation on the server found that the server's time was off by about 43 mins.  The server had NTP configured but the NTP daemon was stopped.

Additional Information

It's not clear as to why the time being out of sync would have prevented attachments from downloading and should not have, but NTS was unable to duplicate the issue given the same situation.  There were no errors that seemed to indicate a problem.  Though the test user removed and re-added account information to the phone, it is believe that this was not needed as other users started working right away without the need to remove/re-add account info.

In cases where and Administrator manually changes the server time, by moving time back an hour, DataSync may not sync any items until it's caught up to the previous time.  Example:  Current server time is 2:45pm, server time is changed to 1:45pm, not items sync again until the server reaches 2:45pm again.