Managed devices show server Unavailable or unregister on refresh or reboot

  • 7007333
  • 07-Dec-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


Workstations that formerly had ZENworks 7.x agent may become unmanaged or z-icon properties show "Server Unavailable" after refresh or reboot.
Error (from zmd-messages.log or when running zac reg ) shows error -34 error (if auto rename is disabled) or (-28) error if rename is enabled.
Note:  In zmd-messages.log with debug, the following statement is logged:
Got stored guid guid.txt.


If guid.txt exists in ZENWORKS_HOME\conf directory, and the GUID in the file conflicts with another device (use zman ogp guid to test), then remove guid.txt and reboot.   If it is known that ZEN 7.x or earlier workstations had duplicate GUIDs (from cloning etc.) then use ziswin prior to ZENworks 10 install to clear the GUID.
NOTE:  This file is separate from deviceguid file at the same location, which represents the current device GUID and should not be removed.

Additional Information

If guid.txt exists in ZENWORKS_HOME\conf , the GUID in this file will override the existing device GUID.  If that GUID conflicts with another device in the zone, the registration will fail. 
Guid.txt is created during the uninstall of ZEN 7.x or earlier agent as part of the ZENworks 10 agent install. 
Ideally, ZEN 7.x guid should be unique, and ZENworks 10 install preserves the existing GUID.  However, if the GUID is a duplicate of another, the registration will fail.