Every incremental sync job for a Windows workload switches to server sync method

  • 7007326
  • 18-May-2012
  • 01-Aug-2017


Windows workload protected with block-based transfer method.

PlateSpin Protect 10.x and above
PlateSpin Forge 3.x and above


Windows workload protected with block-based transfer method. Full sync job completes fine while subsequent incremental sync jobs complete with following warning(s):

"Block Based Driver communication failure"
"There was a problem monitoring volume changes after the last synchronization period. The Incremental Synchronization was switched to Server Sync Mode."


1. Uninstall Block-based driver from source manually (refer to KB 7005616) and reboot the machine.

2. Run another incremental sync job which will install the driver during the job OR install driver manually (refer to KB 7010094) on source workload and reboot the machine.

Note: TIDs referred to above are internal documents. Please contact Novell Technical Support to obtain information documented in these TIDs.


This could happen for newly protected workload or workload which was previously protected with an older version of Platespin PortabilitySuite/Protect using VSS-BBT method and upgraded to a newer version in which driver version changed.

The underlying reason is that the driver is not properly/completely installed and unable to monitor all volumes for changes. This could happen due to one of the following reasons:

1. Source not rebooted after block driver install.
2. A change in source volumes since driver was installed.
3. Block driver installation being corrupted.