Unable to search Messenger Archive Chat Conversation

  • 7007325
  • 07-Dec-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Messenger 2.0.4
Novell GroupWise Messenger 2.1


Unable to search archived chat conversation for users resides in the container with special charecters (for example & )


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Step to duplicate
  1. Launch the Consoleone
  2. Create one OU named 'DC&C'
  3. Select the 'DC&C' OU, right click -> New -> User and create user 'dcuser' to this ou
  4. Select the 'Novell' ou, right click-> New > User and Create one user in 'novell' ou as 'user1'
  5. From Consoleone Select Messenger Service object right click -> Properties -> Novell Messenger -> Archive ACL -> Add -> Add new user 'dcuser' and 'user1' to Archive ACL
  6. From Consoleone Highlight Archive Agent-> Properties
  7. From Consoleone Select Policy Container->Default Policy->Properties->Policy->General and make sure Archive message sessions is selected
  8. From Consoleone Select Policy Container->Default Policy->Properties->Policy->Contact list and add 'user1' and 'dcuser1'
  9. From Consoleone Select Policy Container->Default Policy->Properties->Policy->Used By-> Add 'user1' and 'dcuser' to the list.
  10. From Consoleone Select Scope Container->Default Scope Profile->Scope Profile->General and this 'DC&C' ou.
  11. Restart both Messaging Agent and Archive Agent.
  12. Login to Novell messenger and do a conversation between 'user1' and 'dcuser' users.
  13. From Webconsole of Archive agent run delete and generate indexes and wait for few minutes.
  14. From user1 login serach for 'dcuser' and add this user for search and specify the date period. You will no result will shown under search. But if 'dcuser' search for 'user1' conversation it will able to find the chat conversation