Unable to set Save Checkout option in GroupWise Client.

  • 7007312
  • 03-Dec-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2.


Save check out option in GroupWise client is not effective after GroupWise client restart.


Reported to Engineering.

Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate
  1. Login as user to GroupWise Client.
  2. Go to Tools | Options | Environment | File Location | check out.
  3. Specify folder. (e.g C:\save)
  4. Click OK. Close option.
  5. Create a new Document. (Create a document in Document folder Test1 document).
  6. Open the document created in step 5 Test1 from GroupWise client.
  7. Right click Test1 at GroupWise client. go to Properties |  Version | Current Location, Path is c:\save as set location.
  8. Now close GroupWise client. Login to GroupWise client as user .
  9. Go to Document properties of Test1 document.