JAVA app fails with NSL6.1 or NSL7

  • 7007306
  • 03-Dec-2010
  • 31-Jan-2013


Novell SecureLogin


Unable to launch JAVA app after installing SecureLogin version 6.1 or version 7. 
Runtime error in iexplore.exe when accessing java page. 
JAVA applet fails to execute or hangs
JAVA drop down menu will not open


1. Verify that NSL7.0.2 or later is installed on the workstation.  Several NSL-Java related conflicts were resolved with NSL7.0.2. 
2. If the problem persists, copy the current sljava.dll from C:\Program Files\Novell\SecureLogin
to C:\Windows\System32

In one case the sljava.dll in C:\Windows\System32 was five years old, left over from a previous installation of NSL3.51.

3. If that fails the problem can be worked around by disabling single sign on for java, as follows:
-  With NSL6.x,  disable single sign on for java by running the command
 slproto /javaunreg   (run slproto /javareg to re-enable sso for java)

-  With NSL7.0.1, sso for java can be disabled by commenting out the lines for
# assistive_technologies=com.protocom.sso.javasso.JavaSSOHook
in the files
C:\Program Files\Java\<jre version>\lib\   and
C:\Program Files\Java\<jre version>\lib\

The slproto /javaunreg  command is not available with NSL7.0.1

Note that single sign on for JAVA will not be available if disabled as described above.

Additional Information

This problem occurs for JAVA applications complied with older versions of JAVA, notably with JDK 1.1.