Log Manager web interface does not properly work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

  • 7007268
  • 29-Nov-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Log Manager 1.0
Novell Log Manager 1.1
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8


A blank page appears, or the page view is not clear, and some panels are missing (i.e. Report) after logging in to Novell Sentinel Log Manager using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.


A blank page could appear if the Internet Security Level of the browser is set to High. To resolve this issue, navigate to:

Tools > Internet Options > Security tab> Trusted Sites

and then click the Site button and add the Sentinel Log Manager Web site to the list of trusted sites.

Instead, when the page view is not clear and some panels are missing (i.e. Report), make sure that the compatibility view option is not selected:

Tools > Compatibility View