Several user databases show in a log with C022 errors after applying GW802 HP1 code.

  • 7007235
  • 19-Nov-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 Hot Patch 1


After upgrading GroupWise backend in the HP1 code and starting POA agent for the first time, you can see several users reported with C022 errors and these databases get rebuilt on a fly.
Any restart of the POA does not initiate a user database rebuild.


With the GW802 HP1 code there were new set of Post Office DC files shipped that are not copied during upgrade of agents. You will need to copy them manually under each upgraded PO prior starting POA. You can find these new DC files in the Software Distribution Directory that holds new HP1 code, under the "PO" directory.
Running POA with older version of DC files causes that a guardian database sees these user databases having C022 corruption problem.