Out of Memory Exception at Start of an Incremental Block-Based Data Transfer

  • 7007220
  • 16-Nov-2010
  • 01-Aug-2017


PlateSpin Protect 10.x and above
PlateSpin Forge 3.x and above
PlateSpin Migrate 9.x and above
This TID only applies if the issue occurs during an Incremental Replication or Server Sync.


When an Incremental Replication or Server Sync job enters the start of the data transfer stage the job may fail with the following error:
Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.


1. On the Platespin server, go to the ..\%Platespin Server Folder%\Web

2. Open the productinternal.config

3. Locate the two instances of the following value:




4. Modify this value from 16 to 256

5. Save the file
6. Via command line navigate to one of the following locations:
..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\bin\RestartPlateSpinServer
..\PlateSpin Protect Server\PlateSpin Forge\web\bin\RestartPlateSpinServer
..\PlateSpin Forge Server\PlateSpin Forge\web\bin\RestartPlateSpinServer
7. Run restartplatespinserver.exe
If the job fails with the same error again in a Forge or Protect server the workload will need to be removed and re-added.

Additional Information

Note: Now that the block size used to compare blocks is larger, MD5 calculation will require more CPU cycles to complete on the source machine.