Windows Explorer stops responding or long delays when accessing specific volumes via NCP

  • 7007209
  • 16-Nov-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 2


User Space Restrictions are enabled for the affected volume(s).

When having a drive mapping to a specific Novell Storage Technology (NSS) volume or volumes, accessed via Novell Core Protocol (NCP), there are long delays of 3 minutes or longer. It can also happen that Windows Explorer stops responding completely.

Restarting Novell Directory Services (NDSD) or the server may or may not temporarily resolve the problem. Removing the drive mapping(s) to the affected volumes does resolve the problem.


Possible work around is to temporarily disable User Space Restrictions on the affected volume(s).

UPDATE: fixed in NCP module in the May 2011 OES2 patch release.

Additional Information

To verify or change the status of User Space Restrictions for a volume, do the following from the server console:

1. Start NSSMU.
2. Select Volumes.
3. Select the Volume in question and press Enter to view the Volume Properties.
4. Select User Space Restrictions and press "N" or "Y" to disable or enable.
5. Select Apply to save the changes.
6. If no changes were made, press ESC and if prompted to Apply Property Changes press ESC again or select No.

Note that any changes are in effect immediately, no services needs to be restarted.