Load Balancing and High Availablility for GroupWise Calendar Publishing

  • 7007208
  • 15-Nov-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


GroupWise Calendar Publishing host needs to be load balanced and highly available using an L4 Switch


When using multiple Calendar Publishing Hosts, any Host can service any calendar requests, regardless of what Post Offices are assigned to it.

To set up a highly available, redundant Calendar Publishing Hosts, do the following:
  • Insure that the L4 switch has a valid URL or CNAME
  • Create the Calendar Publishing Hosts in ConsoleOne, by selecting Tools | GroupWise System Operations | Web Calendar Publishing Hosts. In the URL field, enter the URL for the L4 Switch
  • Repeat the above step for as many Calendar Publishing Hosts as you need. Each host must have the same URL to the L4 switch
If the Calendar Publishing Hosts have already been created, the URL can be modified to point to the L4 switch. However, the existing shared calendars will need to be re-shared in order to send the new URL to the shared calendar users.

Additional Information

For more information on installing and configuring GroupWise Calendar Publishing, see the GroupWise 8 Documentation.