No mails from GroupWise mailbox get synced to a mobile device after applying GW802 HP1 build.

  • 7007206
  • 15-Nov-2010
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer
Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 2 HP1


After applying HP1 build of GW802, there are no mails synced to a mobile device.
Mails originated from a mobile device are synced to a GroupWise.
First initial synchronization of a new user brings mails from a GroupWise account on a device but after that no new mails are synced.
Resync Device option via the monitor tool of the mobility connector syncs missing mails from GroupWise mailbox on a mobile device, but then no new mails are synced again.


The problem does not automatically affect each GroupWise system after applying HP1 code. It is now known what triggers the problem in some systems. When the system is affected, then it is the guardian database of a post office that causes the sync problems.
However, if you see symptoms described in Additional Information section, then you can fix it by running newer version of GWCheck from released GW 8.02 HP2 build.
If you do not intend to upgrade entire backend in the HP2 version, then you need to use a standalone version. Otherwise use C1 and run following two steps repair on each PO facing the synchronization issue:
1. There is no special MISC key that you need to activate, run at the first instance Structure + Index + Fix on the PO. This will fix guardian database section that deals with indexing SOAP events.
2. Next run is Content + Fix again on entire PO.
3. It is recommended that the POA be restarted to clear data cached in the server memory. After the restart of the POA, restart GroupWise connector from webadmin, too, to re-register itself back in the POA server memory.
Shall there be some users missing mails from a sync black-out period, initiate from webadmin, the monitor tool of mobility connector "Resync Device" option on the affected user account.
On some devices you do not need to do any extra steps to get it working again (iPhone). With Nokia brands you might need to run "Reinitialize Account" to get a sync working again. 
In general, please, check users with GWEvent Notification entries via HTTP interface of the POA. Click on Configuration section and scroll down to Event Notification List link. This will display all users having entries in their GroupWise user databases. From there you can click on each user listed to view and / or modify his particular event keys. If you see users listed with obsolete event keys - for instance ones listed with old server IP address, you can delete them. Or if some users are listed more then once, you can rather delete all his records listed. Select both, Delete Events & Delete Event Configuration and Submit it. On such SOAP event corrected users you can re-run the GWCheck with Content + Fix check options again.

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