Mail sent from a Teaming shows display name part of recipient address as HTML formatted text.

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  • 09-Nov-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Teaming 2
Novell GroupWise 8


When you send via mail (a web link Send E-Mail) any item from your Teaming account to a recipient that has his First and/or Last names with extended characters, then the mail recipient will see a display name part of his email address as HTML formatted text.  


This has been reported to a development.
A current workaround is on Linux distributions to edit file located in /opt/novell/teaming/<apache-tomcat-xxx>/bin. For Windows it's in both the catalina.bat and service.bat files.
Open the file and search for the string "-Dfile.encoding" and correct a value of the variable from incorrect "UTF8" into "UTF-8", i.e. it will look like:
Then save the file and restart Teaming services.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
1. Create a user manually in a Teaming or in the eDir and then let the Teaming sync / import the user via LDAP. Login name, for instance, is JCysar and his First name is Jiří, Last name is Cysař.

2. Login in his new account, create any Blog dummy item and send it via email link to any recipient.

3. You will see in the recipient mailbox the sender`s display name part of email address showing as a HTML formatted text.