Unable to login to WebAdmin as admin (config)

  • 7007162
  • 05-Nov-2010
  • 07-Sep-2015


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise Mobility Service


When providing admin credentials in the Datasync webadmin console, it fails to login
Unable to login to WebAdmin
ERROR: "Invalid Username/Password. Please try again" while logging in to WebAdmin
Unable to login as admin to the Datasync Admin Console
Cannot login to GMS Web Admin
No time out on Web Admin login screen
Unable to login to Web Admin as it just spins
Cannot login to GMS 2.0 Web Admin


Please follow the steps listed below: 
  1. Edit /etc/datasync/configengine/configengine.xml .
  2. Make sure that the <hostname></hostname> has the correct DNS name or IP Address of the LDAP Server.
    If DNS Name is being used, please type "rcnscd restart" to flush the DNS Cache just in case the DNS Cache has incorrect information.
  3. Make sure that the <port></port> has the correct port - 389 or 636.
  4. Make sure that the <secure></secure> is set correctly - true or false depending if the LDAP connection is secured or unsecured
  5. Check the <admins></admins> section and make sure that the <dn></dn> is set correctly with the correct user and context. This user is used to login as the Admin of the DataSync in WebAdmin. Multiple <dn></dn> sections can be specified to provide more than one administrator.
  6. Check the <login></login> section and make sure the <dn></dn> of the user is set correctly with the correct password in <password></password> . This user account is used by the DataSync server to poll the LDAP users and Groups.
  7. Restart DataSync by typing rcgms restart or rcdatasync restart
Please note that if you change provisioning into GroupWise, administrators defined in step 5 would not work. Such a configuration with additional administrators works only with LDAP configuration.
You can still login with root credentials.

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