Invalid slot or hardware instance number when loading ham driver

  • 7007121
  • 29-Oct-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 8


After replacing a failed power supply the system fails to boot because the cpqraid.ham will not load.  Loading the cpqraid.ham driver manually from the console returns a prompt for a slot number, but none of the detected slot choices will allow the driver to load.  Each time it comes back with an initialization failed, invalid slot or hardware instance number specified.  Running hdetect will match the correct driver to the hardware and slot number, but the driver still fails to load. 


In the c:\nwserver directory there are several registry files.  Do a search for servercfg.* to find all of the registry files.  Rename the current registry files and boot the system.  On boot it will ask for the server name, so verify the server name before renaming the registry files.  If the cpqraid.ham was specified to load in the startup.ncf, it should load correctly at this point.  It appears that there was something written to the registry that was preventing the correct driver and slot information from being detected.

For more information about the NetWare registry see KB 10074622.