AAVERIFY doesn't work

  • 7007112
  • 27-Oct-2010
  • 05-Dec-2014


Novell SecureLogin


AAVerify fails to launch
AAVerify command does not execute

AA Verify command returns Result = False.
Simple Notepad.exe script doesn't recognize AAVERIFY.


Resolution 1:
Login to the network.

The above symptoms will appear when the user logged in workstation only.  Right click on the NSL "hand" icon in the system tray and select "about" to see if the primary (directory) data store is available.   AAVerify by definition requires the user to re-authenticate to the directory, and expects that a directory login has been made.  If the directory was not available during the initial login you will see the symptoms above.

Resolution #2:   
Reinstall SecureLogin.

We saw one instance of the above problem when the user was indeed logged into the network.  Reinstalling SecureLogin resolved the issue.

Resolution #3:
In an eDirectory environment make sure the NMAS Client is installed on the workstation.  The NMAS Client is included in the SecureLogin installation media.