How to change URL links in a mail notification to use HTTPS protocol instead of default HTTP.

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  • 27-Oct-2010
  • 11-Sep-2013


Novell Teaming 2
Novell Vibe OnPrem 3


If you want to share some entry from a Teaming folder with some other user, then you can do it via "Share This Entry" option once you open the entry or you can click on "Send E-Mail" link. In both cases the system generates a mail with a URL navigating a mail recipient to this entry via HTTP protocol.
In case your Teaming / network configuration does not allow HTTP protocol, this will cause a mail recipient will not be able to access information provided via the URL link in the message body.  


Locate for a simplicity first the file. This can be found on a Linux installations in /opt/novell/teaming/apache-tomcat-<version>/webapps/ssf/WEB-INF/classes/config directory. Open the file by a text editor and find a section "Webaccess protocol (http vs https) for generated URLs". Copy in a clipboard all configuration statements from there, i.e:
and close the file without changing it. Open then the file and at the end of all statements append / paste from the clipboard its content and change all "http" parts into "https" instead, i.e:
Then save the file and stop and start the teaming services.
For Teaming 2, this changes will cause that all system generated email notifications will default to secure http URLs, no matter what URL type user uses for login into Teaming account.
For Vibe OnPrem 3.x version, this will cause all system generated email notifications will default to secure http URLs. However, all user-generated emails from the system will follow the current user's context, i.e. if the user is logged in as http and chooses to share an entry with another user then the link in the email notification will use http, vice versa.