NetWare DNS not forwarding (How to recreate RootServerInfo zone)

  • 7007108
  • 27-Oct-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell DNS (all NetWare versions from 5.x on)


DNS server is not forwarding queries.
RootServerInfo objects are missing/corrupt.
How to recreate RootServerInfo zone


1) Using iManager or the DNSDHCP management console, delete the RootServerInfo zone.

2) Run dnipinst -f on the server.  When it asks for contexts, make sure that you specify the correct ones.  Otherwise, you may end up with duplicate objects.

3)  Unload and reload named.nlm.

If dnipinst -f refuses to run, or if the server still isn't forwarding, the SYS:\ETC\DNS\ROOTSRVR.DAT file may be corrupt or missing.  Replace it with a copy from another server (the same NetWare version) or from the NetWare CD.  Then repeat step 2.

Note:  A DNS server without a RootServerInfo zone (in eDir) will be capable of forwarding queries as long as there is a good SYS:\ETC\DNS\ROOTSRVR.DAT file.  Novell recommends, however, that the RootServerInfo zone exist.

Additional Information

The NetWare DNS server needs the root server data in order to enable forwarding.
This data is needed to enable forwarding, not just for forwarding to the INTERNET Root Servers.
Without it all forwarding is disabled.

Formerly known as TID# 10060642