Message about inheriting settings received when SecureLogin is launched

  • 7007087
  • 21-Oct-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


NSL7sp1 HF3 and HF4


Without modifying anything, users receive the message: 

"You have modified an object that has been inherited from a corporate
configuration. Do you want to create a local copy of this object to save your

The message appears for each new user in the container, or after deleting a
user's SSO configuration from iManager and then logging in as that user. The
message often appears when SecureLogin starts, or if not then, as soon as an
sso enabled application is launched. Again, they are not modifying any


Export and re-import SecureLogin selected settings on the problem container as follows:

1.  Using the SecureLogin SSO plugin in iManager, go into the problem OU
2.  Select the "Distribution" tab, and click the box to save the SecureLogin configuration to an XML file.
3.  As a backup, export everything to the XML file (just in case).
4.  Repeat step two, but this time export just the applications, password policies, preferences, and passphrase question to a second xml file.
5.  Close your browser, come and relaunch it.
6.  Using the "Advanced Settings" tab in iManager, delete the SecureLogin configuration from the problem container.
7.  Re-import the XML file created in step 4.

These steps can also be performed using SLManager.