Sockd fails to load on a LAG with more the 45 IPS.

  • 7007054
  • 14-Oct-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Manager 3.1 SSLVPN Server
Novell Access Management 3.1 Support Pack 2 IR2 applied
Classic SSLVPN component on the LAG


Classic SSLVPN component co-hosted on the LAG.
When more the 45 IP addresses are bound the sslvpn does not start anymore and gives an error with sockd.

Following is seen when you try to manually restart the sslvpn server:
 /etc/init.d/novell-sslvpn restart
SSL VPN Service has been stopped.
Starting SSL VPN Service ......
Sep  2 15:55:50 (1283435750) sockd[17356]:
/etc/opt/novell/sslvpn/sockd.conf: error on line 82, near 'ÿ': syntax
Sep  2 15:55:50 (1283435750) sockd[17356]: sockdexit()
Sep  2 15:55:50 (1283435750) sockd[17356]: sockdexit(): terminating
SOCKD is not running
SOCKD is not registered
STUNNEL is not running
OPENVPN is running
SERVLET is down

The sockd.conf shows one corrupted line on which the loading fails.


Fix is included in SP2 IR3 Build