Novell Access Governance Suite database reset

  • 7007049
  • 13-Oct-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Access Governance Suite 3.6.2


To restore the Novell Access Governance Suite database as it was at the completion of installation. 


It is recommended to run a database backup prior to this process, as all data will be completely removed from the Access Governance Suite appliance. Refer to the Administrator’s Guide section Backing Up the Database for an Access Governance Suite Appliance.


1.     Export the Metadata configuration. Refer to the Administrator’s Guide section Exporting and Importing System Metadata for Access Governance Suite.

2.     Logon to the appliance as the ‘admin’ user

3.     Stop the Access Governance Suite services.

a.     sudo /etc/init.d/aveksa_agent stop

b.     sudo /etc/init.d/aveksa_server stop

4.       Change to the following directory path:

cd /home/oracle/database

5.     Enter the following command:

       sudo -u oracle ./

6.     Restart the Access Governance Suite services

a.     sudo /etc/init.d/aveksa_agent start

b.     sudo /etc/init.d/aveksa_server start


The script resets the AveksaAdmin account password to its default.

At the initial access to the Access Governance Suite appliance, a prompt will be issued to change the default password.


The Metadata configuration may now be imported.

Additional Information

The script removes the Novell Identity Manager integration components. To restore these components, refer to the Integration Guide - Chapter 2 Setup and Installation - and follow the integration software installation instructions for your particular Novell Compliance Certification Manager installation scenario