Configuring SAS service... Failed to configure SAS service: unknown error -1260 (fffffb14 hex) err=-1260

  • 7007046
  • 12-Oct-2010
  • 19-Feb-2014


Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 for Linux
Novell eDirectory 8.8.x fro Linux


  1. Error "Novell Certificate Server Plugin encountered error" while creating  server certificate using iManager.
  2. Unable to create Server Certificate for any server in tree.
  3. While validating the Certificate Authority unable to view the Self Signed Certificate and Public Certificate.
  4. When adding the server in to the existing tree using command ndsconfig add -t treename -p <IP Address of replica server> comes up with failed to configure SAS service error message following the below mentioned output of the command:

    Configuring Novell eDirectory server with following parameters,Please wait...

    Tree Name              :Star
    Server DN              :FS1.OU=servers.O=novell
    Admin DN              :admin.novell
    NCP Interfaces(s)   :
    HTTP Interfaces(s)  :
    HTTPS Interfaces (s):

    Configuration File :/etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf
    Instance Location :/var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data
    DIB Location       :/var/opt/novell/eDirectory/data/dib

    Starting the service 'ndsd'... Done
    Checking if server is ready for request... Done
    Extending Schema ...Done
    Configuring LDAP service...Done
    Configuring SAS service...Failed to configure SAS service :unknown error -1260 (fffffb14 hex) err = -1260


Certificate Authority in the tree is corrupt. Recreate CA object following the below mentioned document.

Additional Information


The server hosting the Organizational Certificate Authority is unable to read the Organizational Certificate Authority object and Novell Certificate software is corrupted on the host server. Recreate CA with different host server.