iPrint for Linux Master TID, FAQ and Common Issues

  • 7007025
  • 08-Oct-2010
  • 08-Nov-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)


Quick links to frequent iPrint issues


iPrint on OES Linux/NetWare:
7004814:  iPrint support for Windows 7
7002435:  iPrint Auto Driver Update Feature

iPrint on OES Linux:
7004455:  iPrint Migration Best Practices
7003077:  iPrint Linux: bulk management with xml-import

iPrint on NetWare:
7004851:  How to rebuild a corrupt NDPS Manager database using PAGen3.exe
7004854:  Using PAGen.exe as a NetWare iPrint mass management tool

iPrint Migration:
7004455:  iPrint Migration Best Practices
7004109:  iPrint Migration Transfer-ID Recommendation
7005255:  How to point workstation installed iPrint printers to newly migrated print manager
7004910:  Execute iPrint Migration without communicating with the source Print Manager

iPrint Client:
7001400:  iPrint and HP Universal Printer Drivers
3006726:  Configure iPrint to redirect printers on clients to different server.
7001343:  What is iPrint Direct?
7003285:  What are iPrint user printers?
7003076:  What is the iPrint ShortInstallName feature?
7005129:  How to push the iPrint client to Windows Workstations (without ZENWorks)  
7004661:  How to automate the upgrade from NDPS to iPrint 
7001584:  Support Statement for NDPS (Novell Distributed Print Services)
3476106:  How to suppress update messages presented by the iPrint client 
Recent/Common Issue TIDs:
7005152:  Linux iPrint Drivers tab is missing within the iManager Driver Store page after iPrint plug-in update  
7004921:  NetWare iPrint OS options missing within Broker iManager page after iPrint plug-in update 
7000901:  Troubleshooting OES 2 iPrint Migration tool   
3006957:  Restore Linux Print Manager database in disaster recovery situation
7007014:  iPrint CLIENT_ERROR 0x400 when attempting manage driver associations  
3897348: HTTP 401 or 500 Errors managing Linux iPrint objects