NOC Image Server "hot Spot" and crash

  • 7006991
  • 04-Oct-2010
  • 26-Jun-2012


Novell Operations Center Business Service Manager 4.7


There are known issues here that the Image Server will "hot spot" and crash. This happens with all Java version of 32 and 64 bit over Update 7. Oracle/SUN has been made aware from our third-party vendor called "Corda".


- With all our testing we found that the Java 6 Update 7 fixes the issue. This Java version is only needed by the Image Server and all other BSM Server processes, please keep using either Update 20 or 21.
Steps are as follows to implement:
1 - go to this website and pull down the Java JDK 6 Update 7 release and load on your BSM Server -
2 - Go to the ~BSM/bin directory and run - mosstop Image
3 - Now run the Customizer
4 - In the left pane called Components, select the Image Server
5 - Now in the right pane, change the Image Server Java Runtime Environment and point this now to the Java 6 Update 7 java.exe
6 - Make sure the Image Agent VM Size is set to 512
7 - Apply Changes
8 - Now run - mosstart Image