Error publishing the Sentinel Core Solution Pack to Crystal Reports

  • 7006976
  • 01-Oct-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Sentinel 6.1
Novell Sentinel 6.1 Report
Crystal Reports XI
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Service Pack 3


Receiving the following error when using the Solution Manager to publish the Sentinel Core Solution Pack to the Crystal Reports server: Error publishing report Solution_Pack_Status_Dashboard_Oracle.rpt in folder SentinelReports\Sentinel-Core.

               at com.esecurity.content.install.reports.crystal.CrystalReportsHTTPContentInstaller.install(

               at com.esecurity.content.install.AbstractDelegatorContentInstaller.install(

               at com.esecurity.content.install.ContentSetInstallationExecutor.install(

               at com.esecurity.content.install.ContentSetInstallationExecutor.install(

               at com.esecurity.content.importUI.wizard.deploy.BaseDeploymentWizard$


Verify that all steps for installing and configuring Crystal Reports in the Sentinel Installation Guide have been completed.  In the case of the error above, the String BOBJHome pathin publish_report.jsp and delete_report.jsp may be incorrect.  The fix is to set the correct path in publish_report.jsp and delete_report.jsp to the following:

String BOBJHome ="/opt/crystal_xir2/bobje/enterprise115"