NOWS SBE 2.5 Updates

  • 7006956
  • 29-Sep-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Editions (NOWS SBE) 2.5


There have been several outstanding bugs for NOWS SBE:

 Bug 565905 - Now alphabetically sorting installed software, by component name
 Bug 575242 - Cron/Daily Failure messages no longer sent
 Bug 564510 - When updates finish “Update Complete! Please restart Simba” is displayed
 Bug 561429 - If the update has installed new simba rpm’s the webui tells you to restart simba. If the update has installed a new kernel the webui tells you to restart the server. If the update hasn’t done either, the webui tells you the updates have been completed
 Bug 549699 and 603052 - Updates no longer override /etc/simba/auth.xml, new versions are placed at /etc/simba/auth.xml.rpmnew
 Bug 543674 - Internet addressing is setup after the Group Wise installation via NOWS
 Bug 582467 - Password is no longer displayed in the iManager URL
 Bug 543353 - Users now have option to list all interfaces for simba via a drop down menu in advanced settings
 Bug 558573 - Flash is now installed on the server so User Administration can be viewed when using the server console
 Bug 584957 - Admin and sbsadmin are now able to login to Novell Remote Manager (NRM)
 Bug 588796 - Group Wise 8 can now be installed from NOWS SBE webui
 Bug 548703 - Updated text on setup screen to reflect proper German translation
 Bug 595695 - MX record hostname field now accepting alphanumeric data
 Bug 597203 - OpenVPNKey hostname field now accepting alphanumeric data
 Bug 599161 - iFolder properly installs when eDirectory is installed in Remote Tree Mode
 Bug 572458 - The ndsd service properly restarts after a second server is installed in the same tree
 Bug 608471 - Postfix is now active on port 25 after anti-spam install
 Bug 609308 - Installing eDirectory in Advanced Remote Tree mode now works
 Bug 602962 - Users can now be created through iManager and User Administration
 Bug 619271 - Fixed YAST repository issue when updating to OES2SP2
 Bug 550199 - Removes 'required' parameter for OpenVPN and ClamAV form checkboxes
 Bug 610798 - iManager now correctly inserts EnableDisableAFP and CIFS object in the Role Based Services folder
 Bug 598058 - Fixes issue where updates were stalling when moving to oes2sp2


Patches for these bugs have been put into the NOWS SBE update channel.  They should be applied.