High Utilisation in NDSIMON on NetWare

  • 7006927
  • 27-Sep-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for NetWare 6.5


Server takes a long time to boot
Server unresponsive
High utilisation (UK)
High utilization (US)
100% CPU Usage in MONITOR.NLM or Novell Remote Manager (NoRM)


Ensure that the sys:system\ndsimon\dstrace\dstracennn.htm file is flagged read/write.

Additional Information

The current dstrace.htm file had been flagged as read-only to ensure that it was not overwritten whilst debugging another, separate, issue.

NOTE - The following stack walk can be seen in a coredump or live debugger:

Current EIP: BA24F247  NDSIMON.NLM|aa$ConfigValue+14
B36B6B48  BA24FD6D  NDSIMON.NLM|_use$ConfigurationList+48
B36B6B64  BA24FDF5  NDSIMON.NLM|use$ConfigurationList+2E
B36B6B80  BA24F81B  NDSIMON.NLM|use$Configuration+29
B36B6B98  BA2501A6  NDSIMON.NLM|SetupFilePath+B6
B36B6DF0  BA25C212  NDSIMON.NLM|_HTMLTraceReadTraceDir+3A
B36B6F5C  BA25C376  NDSIMON.NLM|_HTMLTraceDeleteNextFile+25
B36B6F90  BA261CC3  NDSIMON.NLM|HTMLTraceInit+10C
B36B6FA4  BA23D6D4  NDSIMON.NLM|Init+45
B36B6FC8  BA23DAF2  NDSIMON.NLM|mainproc+6
B36B6FD0  BA23D8CA  NDSIMON.NLM|MyThread+28
B36B6FE4  00227D78  SERVER.NLM|TcoNewSystemThreadEntryPoint+40