Novell Access Governance Suite log files

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  • 26-Sep-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Governance Suite 3.6.2


Where to find the log files for the Novell Access Governance Suite. The log files may be used for troubleshooting and problem identification. Accessing the log files requires command line/root access to the server.


Install Log File

The Novell Access Governance Suite product installation log file resides at




Aveksa Server Log File

The Aveksa Server log file resides at







All messages written by the application to the aveksa.log file also appear in the Catalina.out file.



Aveksa Agent Log File

The Aveksa Agent log file resides at





Oracle Log Files

The Novell Access Governance Suite Oracle database log files reside at



Additional Information

The tail command can be used to monitor a log file as it is being written. For example, during product installation, open a SSH or terminal session to the server as root and issue the following command:


tail -f  /tmp/aveksa-install.log


This will display the last ten lines of the log file and append new lines to the display as new lines are added.