Error -626 when logging in to iManager

  • 7006917
  • 25-Sep-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iManager 2.7


Error -626 is reported when login to non-replica iManager server.
ndslogin fails.
Logging in to newly installed server with no replica using Novell Client, reports error -626.
No errors are reported in Time sync.


  1. Run a -XK3 repair on the server, to repair all the external references to the server. Follow the below mentioned command to do the external references repair, till you get zero errors at the end of the repair.
    ndsrepair -R -Ad -XK3 (command is case sensitive)
  2. Backlink the server to the other replica holding servers in the tree, run the following commands.
    set dstrace = *b
    set dstrace = +blnk
  3. Let the above process run till you get the message, ALL PROCESSED = YES

Additional Information


If the newly installed server does not have a replica, it is possible that the external references on the server might be corrupted. To repair them run the -xk3 process on the server following the above mentioned command.