iPrint Windows 7 printer install error: 2147023673

  • 7006886
  • 22-Sep-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


When attempting to install an iPrint printer to Windows 7 workstation, the following error is returned:

Novell iPrint
Error Message: The operation was canceled by the user.
Error Group: Windows
Error code: -2147023673


Install the 5.50 or later client.  If logged on to the Windows 7 workstation as Administrator, you will be prompted to accept an unsigned driver.  Choose Continue Anyway.  If logged on to the Windows 7 workstation as a Limited User, you must launch the browse in the "Run as Administrator" mode to see be presented with the option to accept an Unsigned Driver and Continue Anyway.

Additional Information

The iPrint client cannot suppress or auto accept Unsigned Driver message.  This unsigned scenario is the result of the printer driver vendor not signing their driver with Microsoft.  For example, this same unsigned prompt occurs when using non-Novell printing, like Microsoft TCP/IP printing.

Once the unsigned driver is installed to the workstation, subsequent iPrint printer installations which have that same driver associated will not prompt the user to accept an unsigned driver.  This subsequent printer install scenario exists because the printer driver is not being re-installed in this scenario.  The print driver which already exists on the system is assigned to the new iPrint printer (which has the same driver) being installed.