Existance of DupFiles.DIR under the .FPD folder after an NSS rebuild

  • 7006883
  • 22-Sep-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 2
Novell Storage Services (NSS)


Due to corruption it is needed to run a rebuild against a Pool, in the rebuild log among other messages, it is seen that a directory named xxxxxxxx.FPD was created. For example, /media/nss/<volume_name>/4c7b93e9.FPD.

The cause of the corruption and details on how to run a rebuild is beyond the scope of this document, refer to the online documentation for details on this.


The .FPD directory (Foster Parent Directory) will be created at the root of an NSS volume hosted on the Pool against which the rebuild was run. Looking at this directory, it can at times be seen to have a sub-directory with the name DupFiles.DIR.

This folder is created when there are files / directories found within the same parent directory having the same name during a rebuild. Rebuild will attempt to move the two versions with the oldest modification dates into the DupFiles.DIR directory.

Additional Information

When the above happens there likely were serious corruption on the relevant Pool, which can happen for example when a Pool hosted on shared storage is accidentally double mounted on different servers. After running a Pool rebuild, the FPDdirectory that is created at the root of the NSSvolume can be used in an attempt to find / restore missing files.