iCapture error: Printer <PAName> is not an installed iPrint printer on this workstation.

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  • 21-Sep-2010
  • 01-Apr-2015


Novell iPrint for Linux
Novell iPrint for NetWare
Novell iPrint Client for Windows 5.40


When attempting to capture an installed iPrint printer to an LPT port using iCapture.exe, whether from a DOS prompt or executing from a login script, the following error is returned:

Printer 'PAName' is not an installed iPrint printer on this workstation.


The iPrint Client version 5.40 and later includes an updated iCapture.exe syntax. 

The new syntax is:
icapture L=[Number] P=ipp://[IPorDNS]/ipp/[PrinterName]

icapture L=2 P=ipp://printmanager.companyname.com/ipp/HPLJ4215

To find the correct [IPorDNS] value, go to the iPrint printer install page (the /ipp page), hover the mouse over a printer install link, view the URL in the browser's status bar, and make note of the address which follows ippPrinterURL=ipp://

This command requires/assumes the iPrint printer is already installed to the workstation.  NOTE: The FQDN of the iPrint server is needed rather than just the iPrint server name.

If running this from a login script, add a @ or # at the start of the command.

For more information, see the online iCapture documentation.

Note:  iPrint Client 6.x and later does not include iCapture.

Additional Information

Prior to the 5.40 client, the syntax was:
iCapture LPT[Number] P=[PrinterName]

iCapture LPT2 P=HPLJ4215