Unable to load Novell Cluster Services due to case sensitivity issues

  • 7006857
  • 16-Sep-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 2
Novell Cluster Services 1.8.4


When first time loading /etc/init.d/novell-ncs or rcnovell-ncs you will see the following error.
Mounting adminfs at /admin ... already mounted    done
/usr/sbin/rcnovell-ncs: line 71: 8355 Killed       $NCS_bin/ldncs  failed

The next time you try to load /etc/init.d/novell-ncs or rcnovell-ncs you see the following.
FATAL: Error inserting vll (/lib/modules/ Operation not permitted


The edirectory name for the node is in uppercase and the hostname on the linux server is in lowercase.

1. Change the case in /etc/HOSTNAME to be uppercase.
2. Reboot and you will now have an uppercase server name at the console prompt.
3. Change the case of /etc/opt/novell/ncs/nodename
  echo -n "$HOSTNAME"> /etc/opt/novell/ncs/nodename
4. Start cluster services
    rcnovell-ncs start

Additional Information

From the Novell Cluster Services 1.8.7 For Linux Administration Guide

6.1.4 Case Sensitivity Issues

When adding a Linux node to the existing NetWare cluster, there are two areas where case sensitivity might be an issue:

    * Node name: After you install the Linux node into the NetWare cluster, the Linux node is unable to join the cluster. To resolve this problem, edit the /etc/opt/novell/ncs/nodename file to modify the hostname of the node from lowercase (clusnode1) to all uppercase characters (CLUSNODE1), reboot the server, then run the rcnovell-ncs start command. This allows the cluster node to start and join the cluster.

    * Cluster object name: The Cluster object name (such as cn=Clustername,ou=context,o=org) is also present on the SBD partition. The SBD name (Clustername.sbd) matches the case of the object name in eDirectory. Running the sbdutil -f command displays the SBD name. If the case used when you enter the Cluster object name and SBD name during the Linux cluster install do not match the case used in eDirectory, the cluster install fails to detect the SBD partition.