How to Consolidate Matching DNS Zone created in DSFW with Existing DNS Environment

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  • 14-Sep-2010
  • 25-Apr-2013


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 (OE11SP1)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3 (OES2SP3)
Domain Services for Windows


Existing DNS zone already exists with the same name as the new DNS zone created for DSfW and Dynamic DNS is already configured so the DDNS built in with DSfW is not needed.


The following steps explain how to move needed DNS entries from the zone created on the DSfW server to a an original DNS environment if the same zone already exists.

  1. Using the DNS/DHCP java console connect to the original DNS environment and export the zone that has the same name as the one created for DSfW.
  2. Using the DNS/DHCP java console connect to the DSfW DNS evnironment and export the zone created their.
  3. Edit the zone file exported from the DSfW side and remove the SOA and NS records for the DSfW server.
  4. Copy all the remaining records and paste them at the bottom of the zone file exported from the original DNS environment and save the changes.
  5. Import this file back into the original DNS server answering 'YES' to overwrite the old zone.
  6. Spot check the records make sure they look good and are working. nslookup or ping -a or web are good ways to spot check.
  7. Modify /etc/resolv.conf on the DSFW server and remove the DSfW server name from this file and make sure the original DNS servers are listed.
  8. Run "rcnovell-named stop" on the DSFW Server to stop the service.
  9. Run "chkconfig novell-named off" on the DSFW Server to disable the service from starting. Do not delete the zone objects or DNS objects from eDir. For the install of an ADC DSfW server, DNS is required to run on a DSfW server. With DNS configured but inactive, simply starting novell-named will resume DNS on the DSfW server an allow for another DSfW server to be installed
  10. Use nslookup or dig to test that the zone is resolving correctly.
  11. If (10.) does not work for any particular 'A' record, check if the SRV record corresponding to this 'A' record is present. The validation can be done using the following command #/usr/bin/dig -t SRV _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.<domain name> +short If this is present, its probable that the 'A' record got missed out during merging.

Additional Information

Do not remove DNS from a DSfW server.
For the install of an ADC DSfW server, DNS has to be running on the first DSfW server.
It is best to just stop novell-dns if DNS is already configured and running on other servers.  That way if an ADC or child domain is to be installed DNS can be started up and running again.
If DNS is running on Windows or Bind and the DNS objects have been deleted, use DNS/DHCP console to recreate the DNS Server object and then import the zone onto the DSfW server.
If running Novell DNS, do not delete the DNS server object and use the DNS/DHCP console to make the DSfW server authoritative and primary for the zone while installing an ADC DSfW server.  Once installed the settings can be replaced.

Do not move the DSfW zone to another DNS server if Dynamic DNS is not configured and properly working on the existing DNS server.

Best practice is to give the DSfW domain/zone a unique name.  If a domain name/zone already exists like, use a name like novell.lan or novell.dsfw for the DSfW domain name. 
See TID 7002172 for more information on Installing DSfW.