iPrint printers frequently changing status from Available to Not Available

  • 7006806
  • 09-May-2012
  • 13-Jul-2020


Novell iPrint for Linux


Some or all of the following symptoms are seen (usually during peak printing times):
  • iPrint printers installed to workstations frequently change their status from Available to Not Available.
  • Apache utilization on the server hosting iPrint is at 100% or above.
  • Several dozen Apache child processes show:
    • pgrep httpd | wc -l
  • Print Manager Internal Statistics show "Max Number of Threads" at 100.


The cause and fix are under investigation.  Until a solution is available, the following Apache configuration changes might alleviate some of the symptoms by allowing Apache to handle a larger load:

Increase Apache Time Out and MaxClient Values:
  • Edit the following lines in the /etc/apache2/server-tuning.conf
    • from
      • MaxKeepAliveRequests 100
      • KeepAliveTimeout 15
      • MaxClients 150
      • ServerLimit 150
    • to
      • MaxKeepAliveRequests 300
      • KeepAliveTimeout 5
      • MaxClients 300
      • ServerLimit 300
  • Save the changes.
  • Restart Apache (rcapache2 restart)

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