NSL returns a -426 error launching a published Citrix application

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  • 01-Sep-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin SSO
Citrix published applications


Users getting -426 errors when supplying credentials to applications
ERROR -426


This can be caused by an error in the rights assignment.  Follow these steps to verify proper access rights.

1.  Run adsiedit.msc
2.  Browse to the OU that contains the users in question
3.  Right Click the OU, Properties>Security>Advanced
4.  Check the Self Permissions for the Read Write Properties.
5.  Click Edit on the SELF Read\Write Properties, look for the Protocomm permissions. (They all begin with PROT)
6.  Check the box, "Apply these permissions to objects and containers within
this container only"
7.  Click OK
8.  Check all the other "Self" Permissions and do the same for any that contain the Protocom entries.

Additional Information

Several scripts use ?sysUser and ?sysPassword for their login variables.  This means that the credentials used in the application definition come from the same username and password used on initial login.  Regularly,  $username and $password variables are stored for each application definition.

This is especially useful when you have several applications that share common credentials with your main directory credentials.