Changing the public IP address of a BorderManager 3.9 server.

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  • 24-Aug-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell BorderManager 3.9 Support Pack 1
Novell BorderManager 3.9


1) INETCFG – go to bindings and change the public IP address to the required IP address.
2) In Monitor, Server Parameters, see that NCP and SLP options to Exclude and/or Include IP Addresses may need to be changed.  Follow KB 3321740"BorderManager Proxy and Cache Performance and Tuning" for "SET NCP EXCLUDE IP ADDRESSES=" -
3) Novell Remote Manager – IP address Management  | make the needed IP changes.
4) HOSTS and HOSTNAME files may need changing as needed.
5) Proxy settings – from iManager - change it to the new public IP address under General | IP addresses.
6) VPN settings – from iManager -  change it to the new public IP address for the VPN configuration (the VPN configuration may need to be reconfigured for it to work)
7) Copy filter information – from iManager - BorderManager - List All Firewall Policies - copy packet forwarding filters by taking screen shots of the needed filter categories, like the Packet Forwarding Exceptions.
(See the "Important Note" below and the steps following that.)
8) Clear Filter Configuration.
9) Restore Default Filters.
10) Build the rest of your filters from scratch using the information taken from step 7 above.

* A reboot of the server is recommended after having successfully made the public IP address changes.

Important Note:
Steps 7 through 10 may be possibly avoided, although step 7 is always a good thing to do.  Migration of the existing firewall filters back onto the BorderManager server may be possible, by using the filters.cfg file, altered and edited properly before migration of the filters.

Steps to prepare for filter migration:
i) Do a search and replace the old IP address with the new IP address in every instance in the filters.cfg file.
ii) If the board name has been changed during the IP change process, do a search and replace of the old board name with the new board name in every instance in the filters.cfg file.
iii) Now see KB 7006715 "Firewall Filter Migration with BorderManager 3.9 using "filtsrv migrate"" for filter migration.
iv) If the migration of filters does not work, follow steps 7 through 10 above.

Additional Information

Even though these steps should work, the process of changing the public IP address of a BorderManager server has been known to cause problems, even up to the re-installation a BorderManager over from scratch.