Workstation unlock does not honor the "NMAS Authentication" setting of the Novell Client

  • 7006712
  • 23-Aug-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Client for Vista
Novell Client for Windows 7


Drives no longer mapped after screensaver
Unavailable drive mappings coming out of suspend
NMAS Authentication is used despite the setting be set to off


When the machine comes out of screensaver or suspend, it automatically tries to perform an NMAS authentication despite the setting "NMAS Authentication" being set to off.  This behaves this way to support eDirectory Universal Password and UTF8-encoded passwords. 

This will only ever cause a problem if NMAS is installed on the workstation and is NOT configured on the server-side (NMAS installed but no login sequences are authorized / enabled)

The solution in this case would be to either properly configure NMAS on the server side, or remove the NMAS client from the workstation if it is never to be used.