Novell Messenger fails to start meeting for conferencing

  • 7006709
  • 23-Aug-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Messenger 2.1


Novell Conferencing integration was introduced with Novell Messenger v2.1.0

User tries to start a meeting (conference) with the Windows client and enters a valid userid and password.  Instantly gets an error dialog box stating:

Unable to start the meeting. Contact your system administrator.

Attempting the exact same operation from a linux client is successful.


In ConsoleOne, the MessengerService object "Novell Messenger" tab has a "Conferencing" option.  The URL for the conferencing server must not contain a trailing slash "/" as the Windows client v2.1.0 does not strip this off like the linux client does.  The result is an invalid URL containing a double // when the client attempts to append the user's credentials to the URL being sent to the conferencing server.


Reported to Engineering