SecureLogin fails to respond to Java dialog

  • 7006665
  • 18-Aug-2010
  • 28-Jun-2013


Novell SecureLogin
NSL7SP1 HotFix2
Java Web application definition created with NSL7 Wizard


NSL does not act upon a "bad credentials" notification message if presented immediately after the application is launched.  

NSL does, however, act upon the same "bad credentials" dialog if it comes up sometime after the intial login attempt.


Resolved with NSL7.0.3 SP3 or later.

Convert the application to an application definition script, and edit the script to submit an "enter" instead of clicking the "ok" button.

1. Find the application in Manage Logins or in iManager,
2. Go to "definition" tab click "Convert to Application Definition."
3. Find the section for in question
4. Replace "click #1" with "type \n"


Additional Information

The problem is in the way SecureLogin works with Java Modal dialogs.  When NSL clicks the "OK" button in the initial application login dialog,
because it displays a modal dialog, the script is locked and no more windows are processed. But when the login is dismissed the script then finishes.