Re-registering Sentinel Log Manager via WebYaST

  • 7006633
  • 12-Aug-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel Log Manager Appliance
Sentinel Log Manager 1.1.x


Unable to re-register Sentinel Log Manager through WebYaST.


In order to re-register, some times it requires that the previous registration be cleaned up as well as the service repositories and then re-register using WebYaST Registration.

To manually clean up a previous registration and then re-register via WebYaST, follow these steps:

1. Delete /etc/zypp/credentials.d/NCCcredentials and /etc/zypp/services.d/nu_novell_com.service

2. Delete /var/lib/yastws/enable_SLM_webyast_registration_workaround if it exists.

3. Re-register using WebYaST Registration