Unable To Connect To Samba Share: BAD_NETWORK_NAME

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  • 07-May-2012
  • 07-May-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux


While using the following command, the error BAD_NETWORK_NAME is returned and the user fails to login:
smbclient //ip.add.of.srvr/shareName -U username%password
While this error can occur for various reasons, the issue addressed in this document is regarding a rights issue.  The /var/log/samba/log.smbd file returned the following just before the BAD_NETWORK_NAME error is returned:
canonicalize_connect_path failed for service data, path /media/nss/VOLNAME


Be sure that the rights assigned to the share inside of iManager match what can be seen at the console with the following command:
rights -f /media/nss/VOLNAME effective user.context.morecontext.tree
If the rights do match, continue on.  If not, the trustees may need to be rebuilt with a VisibilityRebuild.
If the rights DO match, be sure that the user being logged in with is correct.  For instance, the user should be LUM enabled, meaning that the eDirectory user should be visible to the local linux server.  If the user is LUM enabled, be sure that it is the correct user.  For example, if there is a user called TESTUSER that resides in eDirectory, and is LUM enabled, then when we id the user (id TESTUSER) the eDirectory UID should be returned (IE. 607, or some other ID).  In this particular instance the UID of 1000 was being returned.  A TESTUSER existed locally (in the /etc/passwd database) as well as in eDirectory.  This causes a conflict when calling the user by name.
Remove the local user, run 'namconfig cache_refresh' without quotes (this will refresh the LUM users as presented to the server), and id the user again.  The correct id should show.  Combined with the correct rights, the user should no longer encounter this error.